HRW report on Bangladesh, war crimes trial and Prothom-alo’s bullshit editorial

The Prothom-alo has done something too bad today in its one of the two editorials — opinion and preference of an editor — on the HRW report on HUMAN RIGHTS situation and stressed that this report mustn’t be BINNED like the previous instances rather the govt take into cognisance the observations and suggestions put forth by the HRW with a view to protect the people’s rights. Then it reads about the positive side of the report mentioning only the drop in the number of extrajudicial killings. The next few sentences were to remind the govt about ensuring transparency and accountability in the law enforcing agencies mentioning the sad story of Limon Hossain who was maimed by RAB and now facing two cases.

The Prothom-alo then echoed the HRW on the alarming rise in incidents of violence against women to defend the credibility of the yearly report released by the New York-based organisation recently. And it ended unconclusively, without writing a single sentence on the HRW’s questioning the war crimes trials.
Why the fuck Prothom-alo didn’t slam the HRW for “questioning the trial and demanding justice for the identified war criminals” when this International Crimes Tribunal is recognised as a much liberal court than the other tribunals holding trials around the world?

Why didn’t Prothom-alo question the HRW to clarify their stance on using the phrase “international standard”?

And, what does the HRW want to indicate about the BDR mutiny trial? If it’s not been done properly, the local media won’t stay mum for the past couple of years. Why is the HRW so concerned?

As the most read and “progressive” daily that favours the ongoing trial and known to be a pro-liberation force, Prothom-alo should have run an aggressive story, the lead story, with reaction from different quarters since it’s a critical moment for Bangladesh when the Jamaat is resorting to violent attacks with the support of main opposition BNP and lobbying through influential persons & organisations (like the HRW) to STOP THE TRIAL.

Even though all the other issues are true to blame the government, for its failure to ensure fair play in the country, the Prothom-alo should have shown its courage to bash the HRW instead of only posting a quote of Human Rights Commission chairman slamming the HRW for seeking “international standard”. But alas! the report was published on page 7 with only three sentences!!!

I hope the number of JAMAATIS in Prothom-alo is small, and they don’t influence the EDITORIAL POLICY.

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