Dhaka’s rowdy auto-rickshaws

There are only 14300 registered cng-run auto-rickshaws in Dhaka and most of those are plying on the streets faster than rickshaws and for that, have made some people in urgency relief while these vehicles can also accomodate at least four passengers.

Now when their metering system is overlooked by the ministry, BRTA and the police the auto-rickshaw drivers are just looting the hostages — the passengers, mainly the women — who have to pay whatever the drivers demand at a crisis period.

Last time the fare was increased to Tk 25 for the first two kilometres and Tk 7.64 for the next kms but the drivers after a month started refusing to follow the fare structure claiming that the owners were not following Tk 600 as daily deposit. The structure was declared on Sep 19, 2011.

Who will change this scenario and save the Dhaka dwellers from harassment? The communications minister replied my facebook message and assured me of looking into the matter around six months ago. He is so busy with the road condition and Padma Bridge issues!


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