GOD, you favour the MEN, shit!

Many women are ignored by the GOD for being woman while they’re raped or harassed by the men; later, the PM, the opposition chief, POLICE & COURTS go soft towards the men; the media and the people spread the incident and protest, but can’t do the GOD’s job.

And my frustration is: most men learn and are taught — from choti books & porn videos and by mates — “how to sex a woman’s body” not “how to make love with his partner”!


News reports on violence and harassment against women were published in previous years too, but the number was few because of two reasons — number of sick people was low and only few victims filed complaints with police (key news source). Nowadays, the incidents have increased — apparently and literally — given that many cases are filed, and the most male beings have started to defy respecting the female race, not treating them as human beings, but only a sex toy. The situation has been worsening for the last decade.

People, heavily dealing with the things mentioned here, are somewhat abnormal about the sexual issues, especially intercourse — precisely they treat it like having sex with a sex-machine.

* drug abuse,
* alcohol,
* porn photos and videos,
* porn stories (choti boi, online & printed),
* teasing, stalking, molesting women & children,
* excess masterbation,
* regular chitchats centring sex,
*** biological; hormone complications…

There could be some other factors which contribute to the worsening of mental stature of a male in a developing country like Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, it’s obvious that violence against women in families, public places, academic institutions, workplace are often targeted towards someone who has no immediate support to protect herself from a molestation, tease or rape. The rapists who are politically or economically influential in a locality often deny witnesses while committing such a crime. They don’t bother police, surely no people. They’re also blessed during the trials.

Even though we’ve many women on many significant positions with sky-high popularity and authority since 1991. But the evil nature of male-dominated society has not been changed as women & girl children are still taught to be submissive and silent apart from some moderate families with “quality education”. In most cases of harassment or rape, girls are blamed; even though a rapist won’t be able to justify raping a two-year-old or some youths beating up a mentally handicapped woman in public to death suspecting her as a child-kidnapper! Rape or gang-rapes were earlier reported to have taken place because of conflicts in localities among families, as a revenge may be. Sometimes street women and sex workers are gang raped in the nights by security guards, police and floating criminals, sometimes they’re killed. These days rapes are taking place because a good number of male beings have become sex maniac due to excesses in the factors mentioned in bullets and as women & many girls are working outside home and studying at different institutions when they remain vulnerable — inside and outside those places. Presence of brothels and frequent movement of floating sex workers in city streets make the male think and do more sex. They take it for granted that sex is no bad.

Well! Since they don’t think deep, they try to do sex with a body. They try at home, at neighbourhood, among relatives, at study centres, workplaces, crowdy public places, public transports…to gain some sexual pleasure.

The craziness for rape arises usually when some sex-mad are no longer satisfied with molestation but want to do sex with a female for free.


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