Jamaat-Shibir to face the music for violence to stop war crimes trial

It’s good to see the Dhaka police chief declaring war against Shibir cadres who launched massive sudden-attacks on police personnel and cars, public and private transport, and shops in the capital and in over 20 towns Monday morning. The attackers were mostly crazy youths belonging to Jamaat’s student wing Islami Chhatra Shibir and were assisted by supporters of Jamaat, BNP and the other Islamist parties in the opposition alliance.

The move was planned, certainly, though was not declared publicly by the party. The demand was same as before when such attacks on police, vandalism and arson took place–release of the war criminals under trial at the International Crimes Tribunal of Bangladesh, which has already delivered verdict in one of the nine ongoing cases, against Bacchu Razakar or Abul Kalam Azad. A former Jamaat member, Bacchu Razakar was known as an Islamic cleric for his appearances in pro-Jamaat television channels.

The radical Islamist party is now in a do or die mood following this verdict and the others to come in few days against another popular cleric Delwar Hossain Sayedee, Quader Mollah and Kamaruzzaman since the judges have made it clear in the verdict that Jamaat had formed militia forces against the Bangalees and committed crimes against humanity in 1971 Liberation War by carrying out genocide, rape, arson and looting alongside the Pakistan army.

It paves way for the government and the parliament to ban Jamaat and its organisations since a major part of the population wants to see the anti-Bangladesh forces not exist anymore in this country.

The current situation is a bit tough for Jamaat-Shibir and since the party has been preparing for years to takcle this situation, they are now approaching a bit faster than what is anticipated by the policymakers and the law enforcers. They seem to have come to the street to sacrifice their lives.

Well, the war is inevitable and irresistable! At least aparently, when the prime minister orders the police chief to go tough against Jamaat-Shibir while slamming officers concerned for their inefficiency. And following this, the police chief assured that proper action would be taken against the attackers when he went to the hospital to see the injured policemen.

The stunning announcement, something that the anti-Jamaat people want to hear and see it materialised, came from the same place–Dhaka police chief Benazir said “shoot Shibir at sight”. Yes, that’s the PM’s version! Now it needs to be carried out in a stronghand.

The war is a must now — a prime time — when the people want Jamaat-Shibir be uprooted and the criminal-fraud party has gone crazzzy to save its existence. Everyone except for the opportunists will be on the battle ground.


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