Bacchu Razakar: hand down exemplary punishment

The International Crimes Tribunal will deliver its verdicts in the case against Islamic “intellectual” Abul Kalam Azad aka “Bacchu Razakar” today as the proceedings have completed recently “in abstentia”.

The arrest warrant was issues on April 3, 2012 but he fled to India via Hili landport on March 30 with the help of some dishonest detectives, family and friends.

The case was moved in September and it took one month 22 days to complete the trial when 22 witnesses were produced by the prosecution.

But there were not a single person to testify for Bacchu Razakar, not even from the Islamic TV or his family members. So the trial was complete fast. But now the problem is with the EXECUTION of the verdict since Bangladesh has no extradition treaty with any country but Thailand. So the chance of bringing him back from any pro-Jamaat country like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia is bleak.

Bacchu Razakar was an Islamic Chhatra Sangha, now Chhatra Shibir, member in 1971 and was later expelled from Jamaat for some ***** problems [updates to follow].

This butcher was an accomplice of Jamaat secretary general Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed in Faridpur.

There is evidence of genocide, murder, rape, arson, loot, abduction, deportation and persecution against Bacchu Razakar.

Investigators have identified 14 people murdered by Bachchu, three of whom were raped and nine of those who were abducted. The investigation agency also said that Bachchu had burnt down at least five houses, looted 15 and forced at least nine persons to convert to Islam.

According to the agency’s ‘fact sheet’ on Bachchu Razakar, these were the crimes that have been confirmed , but he could have actually commit many more crimes that could not be established.

Even though the investigation agency started its work months before the warrant being issued, he could flee! And the law enforcers have set a very poor example of efficiency.

The pro-liberation citizens and the Awami League govt are happy to see the tribunal delivering the FIRST VERDICT.

But the BNP, Jamaat’s ally, demands that the razakars in Awami League including expats minister Mosharraf’s father and the provincial MPs of 1970 polls must be brought underctrial.

Jamaat has always maintained silence about Bacchu Razakar.

There have been another verdict pending — of Abdul Quader Mollah, a senior Jamaat leader — with the tribunal that was constituted in March 2010. The argument part in Sayedee’s case is being held for the second time due to the obstacles appeared over the Skype leaks.

I hope that the tribunal will order capital punishment of Bacchu Razakar and Quader Mollah and something special for Bloody Sayedee.


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