Bangladesh: Human rights in 2012

Dhaka-based Odhikar (Bangla version of rights) like the previous years has released a shocking picture of Bangladesh’s human rights stature for 2012. The scenario described is only opposed by the govt, law enforcement agencies and some pro-govt people and groups.

The report says the rights situation has not improved much than the previous years, when all the brutal and illegal activities were present in 2012 too.

Generally, the reason behind no significant improvement is impunity of the lawmen and party supporters, and failure to ensure fair probe and subsequent trial of the perpetrators. Other rights groups, especially ASK, also publish such annual reports based on news.

The most astonishing picture is seen in the case of violence against women and children–at a time when two women have been ruling the country since 1991 and there have been a few ministers and MPs who are women! In 2012, Odhikar says 805 women were raped, 473 of who were children!!!

Alleged abduction, crossfire and torture by lawmen were prominent in 2012 (24, 70, 72). BNP leader Ilias Ali and his driver Ansar Ali, and garments leader Aminul Islam are the mostly diacussed persons who were allegedly picked up by plainclothes policemen. In custody of police, as many as 63 people were killed.

Five journalists were killed that year when 284 others were tortured.

Mob beating has become a matter of severe concern since many innocent people are falling prey to muggers and dacoits. Last year 132 people were killed in mob beating across the country.

Political clashes have been a daily soap in the country. Party goons backed by senior leaders swoop on the opponents of another party and even within the party centring different issues related to benefits. Odhikar says 169 people were killed in political clashes in 2012 which shows the impatient side of politics in Bangladesh.

The Indian BSF killed 38 Bangladeshis along its around 4000km border last year. Though the number is decreasing every year, it is condemnable that such killings of alleged cattle smugglers, farmers and locals of border areas are never given much impirtance by the govts of both the countries when the druglords and traffickers are operating freely in exchange of bribes.

Again, the matter of impunity and lack of a tough law and proper execution is surfaced.

A peaceful-developing country can’t be established until we can ensure justice in the society through public pressure upon the govt mechanism.

To be continued…

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