Kalpana Chakma won’t be back!

Yeh, officially, she is “missing” or gone in the wind!

Sixteen years into the abduction of the Hill Women Federation’s stalwart, detectives have said, ‘sorry, we can’t find her. the allegations against Lt Ferdous and VDP Platun Commanders Nurul Huq and Saleh Ahmmad were not substantial while their names were not mentioned in the FIR,’ argues the suspicious IO!

That means a closure of the case is what the POLICE (!) want!

What a shame!

Shame on the subsequent govts since June 11, 1996 for trying to save the killers (!) by preparing false probe reports. The 35th IO submitted his report on Sep 26, 2012 and the Rangamati Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court will hear it on January 13.

But before that, the report has been leaked by some rights activists who spread the report findings among journalists early January, thanks to Prothom Alo for running a detail story with comments from those involved with utmost importance on front page and of another — a protest rally by HWF in Rangamati Town on January 7.

The police, the army, home ministry, Rangamati district administration, and leaders of the CHT region are supposed to be the interest groups centring the ever-mysterious abduction of Kalpana Chakma from her home in New Lalyaghona of Baghaichharhi on the January night by some 12 armed people — 3 of them were identified — and her disappearance. 

I’m happy to know that the rights groups, former judges, lawyers, academicians, politicians and other influential groups have already started slamming the brutal and unjust state powers for saving the culprits.

Well, you too are involved in the killing (!) of the indigenous women leader?

We won’t let JUSTICE DENIED!

UPDATE, JAN 17: The court orders Rangamati SP to further inveatigate the case, quizzing the three suspects and report by March 20. At the Jan 13 hearing, judge Sirajudowlah Kutubi, the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, censured the CID for submitting an incomplete report, “How can it be that the police didn’t even investigate the names mentioned in the FIR!” The judge, however, rejected the plea for a judicial inquiry citing lack of resoirces and judicial officers!

How strange!!!

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