The ‘best’ election formula

:> The next general elections can never be held under a non-party interim government, we (the EC) are efficient to ensure a fair one — under my leadership. Some of you from the opposition may be included in the interim govt. Don’ worry dear rival! Trust me dear, it’d be better than those army-baked apolitical advisors who beat us, put us in jail! Was it not a slap on our face? Have you forgot those days? Btw, come to me sans that bastard Pakistani party.

:> You losers, you failed to hold an election in the stipulated 90 days and now giving ‘failed formula’, for us! How dare you? You’re advising an old party like us! Have you forgot that you failed to float the ‘third party’ in 2007? GO TO HELL! And see how we hold the polls.

::>> My dear people, don’t be hurt for not being able to detain me and my men this time. Hehehe…”



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