Justice for ‘killers’!

ghulam azam da killerThe international community has recently turned their eyes into Bangladesh’s holding the trial of top leaders of controversial Islamist party Jamaat-e-Islami and two BNP leaders for their well-known involvement in genocide, rape, arson and looting in 1971 during the war against Pakistan occupation army. Thus, it can be observed that the war was not literally won since the collaborators — historically known as Mirzafar, a traitor — are not eliminated yet, because their trial was cancelled after the killing of Sheikh Mujib in 1975 and later they — mainly Ghulam Azam — have been rehabilitated by the army-backed BNP and H M Ershad during their tenures in power. And these top butchers of 1971 are holding the top positions in Jamaat which is the most influential ally in the 18-party opposition alliance!

It’s a great shame for the freedom-fighters and their ancestors.

And now when the trial has started in the light of the election manifesto of Awami League and with “public support” — supporters of ruling alliance, left parties and those “apolitical”, better known as voters, the top accused — who have money, muscle and critical brain — are trying to escape at any cost.

Okay, everyone tries to live! But these criminals and many others are living their “bonus life” since the independence on December 16, 1971!

Jamaat has appointed individuals and firms to find odds of the International Crimes Tribunal trying the 10 accused and probing on a dozen others. Jamaat has several newspapers and television channels working for them, and now they’ve got globally-acclaimed but controversial news media too to put pressure on the Bangladesh government which is publicly pressing the tribunal for “immediate completion of the trial and execution of the verdicts, death penalty. In such a situation, The Economist accuses the government of “illegally interfering in the trial” and the statement was echoed in a Dhaka newspaper publishing a part of Shype conversion between a tribunal judge and a expat lawyer over the tribunal’s issues. Jamaat and BNP have since then been demanding retrial.

Here, we’ve to think about it seriously. The 1971 issue is not reflected in everyone’s minds similarly and therefore, public perception and support is divided in Bangladesh, unfortunately.

To me, seeking quick trial is not a crime or injustice to me since the accused are “identified demons of Pakistan”.


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