Bangladesh in ‘mainkyachipa’, me too ;@

There has been no stable day in my near past for two major reasons — my common but personal issues and those national crises.

No, I’m not blaming anyone for my miseries, anyway!

Considering my stamina, I’m gonna touch those points with which almost every concerned person are accustomed these days.

Yes, I’m discarding those people who don’t care whatever happens around, and are bothered by the issues which directly affects them and their close-arena.

Well! It’s a matter of uncomfortable experience for me these days for many national issues as the number of unexpected and unwanted incidents have been on the rise. At the same time, the political government, administration, law enforcers, judiciary and the public repreaentatives are showing frustrating reaction towards the violent incidents, corruption allegations and plunder of the state exchequer.

By the way, there have been some positive incidents and achievements taking place in the state that is recognised as a developing nation having immense potentials. Did you know, these developments are mainly the results of the hardwork of the farmers, garments workers and migrant workers, and the regular annual development programmes carried out in line with the constitution.

The most irritating features of my agony is the government’s state of denial against any allegation involving any partyman. This denial attitude refers to a state impunity awarded to the killers, corrupts and human rights violators.

Briefly can be mentioned the issues: Bishwajit killing, Tazreen fire, law wage, slum eviction, Padma Bridge corruption, Jamaat activities against war crimes trial, BNP’s continuous non-cooperation in country’s development, hallmark loan scam, Destiny fradulence, railway recruitment scandal, rowdy Chhatra League, tender-terror Juba League, quick rental, severe air, water and sound pollution, Sundarbans coal power plant, Asia Energy in Phulbari, fuel-power-transport-commodity prices, inflation, poor healthcare, poor preparedness for disaster, excesses by Rab-intelligence, sexual violence, border killing, increased US-India pressure on policy-making…

Well, let’s discuss these issues separately in the following blogs to come from my crazy head. Thanks for your patient reading.


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