Boycott Jamaati products-services

Dear friends, we are here to raise awareness against the businesses owned by razakars under the umbrella of Jamaat-e-Islami and other allies in politics.

We believe that these anti-Bangladeshi elements must be cornered in every sphere and eliminated in phases.

Alongside the war crimes trial, we the people should also do something effective. We demand that the assets of the accused, facing trial, be confiscated immediately.

We shouldn’t forget for a single day what they had done to Bangladeshi people in 1971 in the name of Islam.

So, we’ve created a facebook group named “Boycott Jamaati products-services” and started joining it and posting information.

Our initial target is to prepare a list of such manufacturing and service business, media entities, educational institutions and NGOs in one month where brief about the owners and key officials will also be cited. The status and nature of business will also be mentioned.

We hope that a collective approach would help us do this job for a vital documentation.

Please add your like-minded friends in the group and share your information, opinion and experience about the Jamaati products and services available in Bangladesh and elsewhere in the world.

We believe that we’ll be able to demonstrate our demands in public to aware more and more common people, especially those who hate razakars (the common slang for the members of peace committee, al-badr, al-shams).

So far we’ve come to know about the following businesses and institutions:

* Diganta TV
* Daily Naya Digant
* Daily Sangram
* Daily Amar Desh
* BPL team Chittagong Kings
* Islami Bank
* Islami Bank Hospital
* Ibne Sina Hospital and Diagnoatic
* Green University
* Retina Coaching Centre
* Muslim Aid

……….to be continued.



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