The term justice means a lot to me. It refers to punishment for an offence committed. On the 41st anniversary of Victory against Pakistani forces, we can’t feel complacence today since the collaborators or dalals – commonly identified as razakars – are not eliminated, rather are in key positions in the country’s politics, business and other professional sectors with the assistance from BNP. The Awami League that led the nine month long war must be blamed for allowing the war criminals stay in Bangladesh for so long and insult December 16. The freedom fighters, so-called intellectuals, dignitaries, bureaucrats and self-acclaimed reactionists can’t ignore their responaibilities for the failure. How can the perpetrators be ignored for so long even though they killed and raped millions, for arson and loots? Only fear of death? We should’t. Now as the trial started, the killers and their aides have gone desparate to foil it. To save them, the dalals are carrying out ‘illegal activities’. While there shouldn’t be any trial of the razakars at all, there have been many formalities done by the government. Well, complete the trial as per law, but tackle the subversive activities with an ironhand. If needed be, declare state of emergency to hold the trial hassle-free and eliminate the razakars – regardless their present identities. A civil war might emerge, but the people will defeat the force that may constitute with jamaat-shibir-bnp-and other islamist parties in the opposition alliance. And then we’ll be able to say ‘we are victorious’!