The 12.12.12.

Nothing mentionable occurred till 4am when I heard several aircrafts flying by while watching TV in this freezing, foggy night.

But suspecting something else, I opened the door to corridor and realised it was thunderbolt. Within minutes, rain started in a moderate scale and lasted for half an hour.

And after sometime, I heard the window of my neighbour breaking with a bang, it was a storm! That was merely a 10-minutes show.

Then everything’s normal.

Let’s see what happens in rest of the day which is very crucial for me: Bashundhara city to buy blank mini DVD, then to join BGMEA protest for justice with Ain O Salish Kendra and others, collecting over 300 printed photographs from an Elephant Road lab, raising fund for Lalu Bhai and seeing him at the hospital, working with my student on a presentation, going to office — my last day at The Daily Star, and handling the tough situations until midnight.

To be continued … update may be available on 13.12.12.


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