We need Superman now!

Only the brutal people in the power-craving political parties and the police can stand such acts, and let the killers get impunity, only because of political affiliation!

And, hence, a case has been filed to mock the departed soul of innocent Bishwajit and his family, and those who cry for not being able to save that boy from that crossfire of political tyrants.

It’s shameful that the government didn’t arrest the culprits, identified in photographs and TV footages immediately, and suspend the police officials on duty only 20 yards off the spot where Bishwajit was nearly being killed only because the killers were ruling party activists! Well, policemen can defend themselves by saying that they are used to do this whoever runs the government — they just stay blind.

Some people are also blaming the journalists working at the spot for not taking any initiative to save Bishwajit, while some say the photojournalists and TV cameramen could be excused, but the reporters should have gone forward.

The locals and those going to workplaces were so simple people (not courageous enough as they are not doing power-politics) that they didn’t dare say anything or snatch Bishwajit from the claws of the Chhatra League men who had by that time indulged in a killing mission.

The emergency doctors at Mitfort hospital also showed maximum reluctance in giving Bishwajit a quick remedy citing legal constraints. A rickshawpuller took him to the hospital from Shakharibazar intersection where Bishwajit reached after a short run-away, bleeded and battered, from the killers.

Such shameful consequences only reflects the decaying trend of Bangladesh’s socio-political culture and degrading law and order. These notorious Chhatra League activists of Jagannath University are widely known in their institution and at the police station for their involvement in different crimes all through the years.

The people like the unfortunate Bishwajit are in further horrors. They are dreaming of a Superman who would appear and save them from the evil’s clutches.


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