Social division, a rational consequence?

It has become a trend in our society not to address any issue sincerely or with an iron hand unless there’s someone dignitary within the government machinery or political arena or the elite society is affected.

Meanwhile, we should also recall the immediate action by the government over some public issues (crime), but ultimately those were found to be pointless due to the reluctance of the government officials or their bid to save some people from being punished. These culprits are either involved in the government or power politics or have big businesses.

Even though it’s hard to give a general idea about the society’s attitude on a particular issue, it can easily be claimed that there have been three basic layers in our society — the elite, the middle-class and the poor — who see and react differently on a single issue.

And in this case, it can easily be stated that there’s class struggle in a developing country like ours, which means a clear ‘non-cooperation’ attitude among the classes, unless someone is compelled to serve one’s ‘duties’.

The pyramidical social structure of our society has been established over “financial condition”, which also determines the level of education and lifestyle of that community members, and it is the indicator of the base of their psychology.

The elites generally ignore the well-being of the lowest paid-population, who work for them too, but sometimes look after the middle-class staff and other people since their interests are widely served by this “most advantageous cluster”. But evidently, the elites just “hate” the poor for their poor appearance, battered financial condition and absolutely for “hating the elites”.

But looking into the matter from the other side, we can see that the ultra poor people hate the elites and maintain a moderate relation with the middle-class.

Taking into consideration some exceptions, it can be concluded by saying that no one cares about somebody else until it’s directly involved with the one’s interest.

And this evil manner is on the rise alarmingly among the young generation who mostly like to become ‘individuals’.

The reason behind this degraded relationship could be “increased competition” in this crises-riddled society, fall in humane values due to increased priority over making money for lavish living, and being more absorbed in sporadic entertainment tools to meet immediate desires.

I think and hope that people’s chemistry would get more stronger with the days to come since every single human being always need help of another of the same kind for survival. Now praying for a quick change in people’s minds before the societies indulge in an evident civil war.



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