Is your protest heard?

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Unfortunately many people in this era of internet and social media don’t know how to protest ‘effectively’.

The most recent example regarding the Israeli attacks in Gaza — they don’t comment on The White House or US president Barack Obama pages on Facebook, they don’t form a human chain on the streets so that media shows the extent of protests in Dhaka or elsewhere, and they don’t send emails to the US and Israel authorities in thousands to expect a real change in their mindsets or acts.

জায়গামত না মারলে কাজ হবে না বিপ্লবে

Myanmar & Ramu: No punishment? Then let’s start it again!

Rangamati violence planned, triggered by rumour

I’m also frustrated like many others seeing many people protesting on FB only to dignify themselves, more irritated, since they do it occasionally.

Why only Gaza people or those Rohingyas? Sensible human beings should protest any inhuman activity whether against people or animals or the environment, anytime it happens — because it’s a matter of existence in the case of those ‘oppressed’.


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