The ‘leave of Mashiur’ drama

Two days after the prime minister’s advisor Mashiur Rahman joined office following a month-long absence from his duties which raised the eyebrows of the World Bank, the government tells the Bank that the advisor is still ‘on leave’!

The same day, Saturday, Mashiur told that he joined office and would follow the path shown by the prime minister, who is abroad now and will be back on November 7.

Didn’t he join office after taking the PM’s nod???

If not, how dare he (and the finance minister allows him) do such a shamefull job!

And if yes, it’s quite clear that the government doesn’t want to assist the WB in probing the Padma graft issue, nor it will allow the Anti-Corruption Commission to do so neutraly.

However, a fair probe is uncertain since the ACC is now acting on the government’s whim. The anti-graft body in February this year declared that in its probe it found no corruption in the project.

But since now they are investigating the scam with the WB’s experts’ team, a sensational result may come.

Mashiur will be at the ACC office today to respond to its queries.

He has been the last person so far to be left away from office to meet the Bank’s conditions in getting a $1.2 billion soft loan for the country’s largest road-cum-rail bridge.

Earlier, the ACC had sat to all the other persons who were named by the WB in its reports that were submitted in September last year and April this year.

Sorry that I couldn’t say ACC ‘quizzing or interrogating’ the bigshots.

Even though officially, the ACC ‘summons’ someone, but it sounds improper in the case of the government high-ups and pro-government people in party and other professions. The ACC actually requests them to visit its office as a media-eyewash.

The documents related to the statements collected so far have been given to the 3-member experts’s panel led by a globally acclaimed jurst.

After getting the panel’s report, the WB is supposed to decide on the fate of the loan.

But, is the government assisting the probe, or bullying the Bank like the prime minister?

Unfortunately, the government is, in no way, going to compromise a few persons’ interests for a greater good. It is already afraid of losing the next polls if the WB reports were published and the Bank, now with the ACC, reveals the corruption details. Such is the consequences.



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