Myanmar & Ramu: No punishment? Then let’s start it again!

To protest against the fresh violence in Myanmar and demand justice, please write to the Myanmar foreign ministry through, religious affairs, and its embassy in Dhaka It’d be an effective approach.

There have been series of attacks on Myanmar’s Rohingya community for the last couple of days–second time in five months when hundreds of people were killed and thousands other injured and evicted by the Buddhists majority people of the same country. However, it became a two-sided violence.

These converted and pervert Buddhists are no way sons of Lord Buddha. These people are dominant and violent.

They have been rejecting the identity of Rohingyas as citizens of Myanmar. Even its president is against them.

However, Suu Kyi is going slow on this issue. She has recently been elected as an MP after her release from home arrest for over a decade.

Following the June violence, the government did not show any example of a credible investigation and effective measures to stop recurrence of such communal violence. The court however punished those accused of being at the core of the violence.

But the president’s speaking against the Rohingyas in public made the solution tough to be reached.

The role of the US was also suspicious. The superpower have been looking for business there since it lifted most of the sanctions on Myanmar months back.

The approach of Bangladesh has been “no shelter to Rohingyas” whatever happens in Rakhine state, since the government claims it is already overburdened by internal problems. The PM, the FM and other top leaders and many citizens also blamed the Rohingyas for being involved in criminal activities in home and abroad.

A large quarter in the country, some human rights organisations and the UN refugee agency had requested the government to allow the fleeing Rohingyas on humanitarian ground after taking precautionary measures for better management.

No request worked, and the people favouring Rohingyas were branded as conspirators.

The FM, quoting Myanmar officials, told parliament in June that Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami is instigating violence in Rakhine state by luring the Rohingyas of Cox’s Bazar with arms and money.

It came true within months when it was found that in the recent Ramu attacks, most of the mad dogs were Rohingyas, apart from other fanatic Muslims belonging to the ruling Awami League, opposition BNP and its key ally Jamaat.

I am afraid, the violence in Myanmar and the attacks on Buddhists in Ramu may continue further since both the governments failed to contain the situations fast and also going strict against the perpetrators.

Hindu-Muslim Violence: The Satkhira frustration




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