The Indian Border Security Force or BSF is not using non-lethal weapons at the border with Bangladesh, and because of that the number of deaths in Bangladesh side is yet to go down.

The deaths have been on the rise for the last few days, ahead of the Muslim’s largest festival Eid-ul-Azha on November 27.


Did you notice that those killed along border by BSF are cattle traders (rarely farmers)?

Bangladesh is not self-sufficient in raising cattle throughout the year, and therefore, the demand during Eid-ul-Azha when millions of cows and goats, and some imported camels are sacrificed.

The smuggling continues throughout the year, as admitted by top officials of both the countries. It’s an open secret that other than cattle, this long border allows smuggling of drugs, arms, fertiliser, fake currency and fuel, and also human trafficking!

Locals say smuggling is a common profession for most people in the border areas. And it’s not that tough if the border forces are bribed and informed of a consignment beforehand.

Authorised trading takes place only at the checkposts while the other points are used by those poor or clever smugglers or their men to dodge duties.

Locals allege that the BSF shoots only when the smugglers try to dodge them.

Meanwhile, the members of Border Guard Bangladesh or BGB are relatively polite and practice restrain. They don’t shoot down Indian nationals and allow Bangladeshi smugglers in exchange of bribes.

The BGB follows the international border laws in a quite impressive way.

Is it stupidity?

Whatever you call it, the governments should speak and do something ‘realistic’ now, because it’s already late.

Over 1000 Bangladeshis have been killed by BSF in the last decade, condemned by every quarter locally and globally, except for the ‘politicians’.