BTRC ignores internet, mobile users; deals only cyber crimes

Telecom boss Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has its own website and a facebook page.

They have laws to prevent internet and telecommunications-related problems. And the duty of the regulator is to supervise, monitor and regulate the mobile and land phone operators, and the internet service providers.

In this 2012, we have cores of mobile phone subscribers and scores others using internet through mobile phones, broadband and wi-fi connections. But the sincerity of the government is rarely seen in case of dealing with the problems the citizens are facing related to mobilr call charge and network, and slow broadband connections.

So far, the regulator has been successfull in shutting down facebook and youtube, and removing harassing posts regarding prophet Mohammad and our PM.

But while dealing with the public issues on cyber crime, they seem to be a bit weak in capabilities and raising awareness among people.

Their capabilities reflect their willingness for becoming pro-people.

In the navigation menu of its site, they have an option Customer Focus under which there’s a tab Complaints, and two sub-tabs “file a complaint” and “Check the status of a complaint”. But none — in both English and Bangla version — works!!!

When people are writing about their problems on the facebook page, no one from the BTRC is responding!!!

Moreover, the option tab consumer rights  under Customer Guidance is also inactive! Another option Customer Guidance is also dysfunctional!

Under the same tab, what are available? Only Discussion Forum, Consumer Alerts and Child Protection Information.

Then what’s up you so-called “regulator”? People have problems related to mobile and internet service providers.

The number of internet subscribers was 2,94,15,693 at the end of July 2012, and of mobile was 9,84,66,000 until September 2012. Then why don’t think you need to pay more attention in dealing with the problems they are facing? 

Internet Subscribers in Bangladesh

Mobile Phone Subscribers in Bangladesh

So, I’ve collected the information about the person designated to deal with these services. Here’s his details.

Call him or mail him to inform about the problems you face.

They are bound to serve the people.

Lieutenant Colonel Rakibul Hassan
Director (Systems and Services Division)
Call him: 9554191 (410), 01552202725

And, here’s the full address of the BTRC headquarters:

IEB Bhaban (5,6 & 7 floor)
Ramna, Dhaka-1000
Phone (PABX): + 880 2 7162277
Fax: +880 2 9556677

Fighting Cyber Crime

The regulator has a three-member team with the BTRC chairman as its convenor. It was formed on January 25 this year and started taking complaints over email:

The Bangladesh Computer-Security Incident Response Team (BDCSIRT) deals with complaints on harassment through facebook, mobile photo or video, threatening by email and website hacking.

It has so far been active in the past few months while dealing complaints of around 1000 persons, mostly girls’. The issues regarding posting of derogatory photos and footages of Muhammad and political leaders including Sheikh Hasina are preferred highly.

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    1. ওরা জানে, কিন্তু পাত্তা দেয় না। কারন এদেশের জনগনকে ওরা নাগরিক মনে করেনা, ভাবে তাদের প্রজা। আমাদের দেয়া করের টাকায় ওদের বেতন হয় এটাও মাথায় রাখেনা।

      আমার ধারনা এসব তুঘলকি কান্ড ঘটার কারন হলো জনগন চুপ মেরে গেছে। চাপ না দিলে আমলা আর রাজনীতিবিদেরা জনগনকে নির্বাচনের সময় ছাড়া আর পাত্তা দিবেনা।


      1. ভাই, প্রতিটি এলাকায় কমপক্ষে ১ জন ভাল মানুষ নির্বাচনে দাড়ান, কিন্তু তাদের নৌকা বা ধানের শীষ সিল না থাকার দরুন জনগন এদের ভোট দেয়না। এটা দু:খজনক ও লজ্জার।

        এবারের নির্বাচনে মজা হবে, এই দুইদলের কেউ একক সংখ্যাগরিষ্ঠতা পাবেনা। নির্বাচনের আগে অনেক মজাও হবে।


      2. অনেক লাশ পড়বে, আর্মি নামবে, আর নির্বাচনটাই পিছিয়ে যাবে। ফলে ওরা আর আসতে পারছেনা। এর মধ্যে আবার দলে ভাঙ্গন ধরবে বলে মনে হচ্ছে।


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