Reckless Chhatra League sponsored by police, admin at varsities

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In the past few days, there have a number of violent incidents taken place in several public universities. And in most cases, the attackers were the students under the banner of Chhatra League–the pro-Awami League, and the victims were students of left-leaning parties.

In some cases, police swooped on the protesters while Chhatra League assisted them and the administrations against which the students launched protests–mainly against abnormal hike in admission fees for the first year.

The most significant and unfortunate incident took place on October 9 at Bangladesh Agricultural University in Mymensingh. On that day, Pragatishil Chhatra Jote–an alliance of left parties including Samajtantrik Chhatra Front and Bangladesh Students’ Union–launched a demonstration in front of the administrative building a against fee hike.

The increase is quite abnormal: Tk 6,214 from Tk 1,825 last year! But this protest irked the administration and fearing media coverage and a hype, the authorities might wanted to quell the situation. The police first tried to stop the protesters, but as they failed the teachers and administrative officers went to the spot. They swooped on the protesters aided by Chhatra League.

It led to the injury of around 20 students–eight of who were female. All these things happened in broad day light. Available photos and videos show how brutal they were against the protesters!

These are now available on the internet while some were published in media. It’s a very common incident in the public varsities and therefore, these can’t be uprooted from the society.

The following incidents and remarks by responsible personalities are more ridiculous!

Chhara League general secretary Rafiquzzaaman Emon said the general students attacked the jote protesters as they misbehaved with the teachers. Assistant Proctor Syed Ehsanur Rahman said the incident might had been planned to create chaos ahead of the varsity’s first alumni on December 29. He defended the hike saying others have raised double.

The incident was widely publicised in media and Chhatra League was censured. The government did not gave any explanation, no action was not taken before October 16 when the authorities suspended nine jote supporters fie six minths on grounds that they misbehaved with the teacher, according to Proctor MA Salam.

What a wonder!

He said the attackers were not punished since it could not be proved! Wow!!! The irony is, the proctor himself punched on a protester’s face with extreme anger in his own face.

Click to watch the VIDEO

Three photos are available widely on the internet. A very common incident, still.

Following the attacks on protesters, Pragatishil Chhatra Jote brought out a procession on Rajshahi University campus.

No, you can’t protest, said the police, and baton charged them severely in front of the Senate Building.

No one can stage a protest on the campus, or elsewhere in the country, especially against anything or anyone within the government: this is what the government high-ups, the leaders of associate and affiliated bodies, pro-Awami League govt officials want to tell the people.

Join us or let’s have win-win deal, they offer us as either means to survive, or “keep silence” is the last words.

On Rajshahi University and any other public varsity campuses, the Chhatra League has been rowdy against any party or individuals standing against them, the pro-government administration or any government policy.

Chhatra League has a strong hold on Rajshahi University campus.

Islamic Chhatra Shibir of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islam is their opponent, while the BNP’s Chhara Dal are either silent or present in Shibir.

The left parties which don’t provide their supporters arms, sticks and other sharp weapons are always outspoken on students’ academic and facility issues; repression of ruling party-backed student body; harmful, illogical, destructive activities of the teachers, administration; and in some cases, on national issues.

In the last one month, Chhatra League attacked on Chhatra Dal activists on September 11 with sticks and sharp weapons in front of police; on September 19 night held an armed showdown on campus; and on October 2 opened fire from pistols against Shibir activists, in front of police.

Then what option do we have to tame down these rowdy guys, their senior leaders, police and the government?

Are the people going to stand still and tolerate these?

Raise your voice against inhuman people!

The world is not for criminals! It can’t be let destroyed!

We demand a peaceful society be established.


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