Sagar-Runi murder still a mystery!

Despite having a number of evidence and clue, the killing of Sagar Sarwar and Meherun Runi is still unresolved.

Why? Who are supposed to unearth the mystery?

First, the law enforcing agencies under the government and secondly, the journalists.

Both have failed, so far, and it is unlikely that the current investigating agency–elite force RAB–will be able to ‘reveal’ and make public the facts during the term of the Awami League government.

Because of the involvement of the people linked with the government top brass, it is impossible for their servants (though law enforcers are for the people, consritutionally) to make it an authentic report and request the court to punish the killers and masterminds.

I would also blame the journalists for being failed to conduct massive investigations.

The journalist leaders, editors and media owners related to the law enforcers and the home ministry should have had showed their excellence.

I not only hope but also demand the truth be revealed, and justice established.



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