The tale of Bangladesh’s largest loan scam and politics

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Initial investigation, case, arrest, remand…of an unpopular Hall-Mark Group MD for taking away Tk 2686 crore out of state-owned Sonali Bank in exchange of fake papers. Well, they have paid back Tk 458 crore and left Tk 2202 crore still pending.

But still, it does not look like the amount is that big to make the government tense.

I am paid Tk 28,000, and so far, I could take the highest loan for my family of Tk 352000, and I have been repaying it through monthly installments.

So, I am bothered.

I am bothered as in his first reaction, the filthy finance minister brushed aside the public sentiment saying that it was no big deal for this wealthy government (he later formally said sorry for saying so, but did not feel so and some days later he said due to wide media outcry, the so-called strong & efficient government might not recover the money taken away by the Hall-Mark MD).

Soon afterwards, the PM was ridiculous as she said the unpopular MD was a close aide of BNP’s Hawa Bhaban. And it was possible for him to manage the amount from Sonali Bank which is allegedly run by a pro-BNP chairman!

Within days, the chairman, selected by the government, was awarded an unlimited extension!

I can not imagine what was in the government’s mind.

What the Bangladesh Bank did within its limited authority and capability is, it warned the banks and financial institution division about the abnormal transaction, several times.

And as the government stayed reluctant, it issued a letter urging the ministry to dissolve the Board of Sonali Bank.

The minister’s comment about the ‘not that big amount’ and that the central bank had no authority to issue such letter came a day later.

The whole country is stunned!

Why? Cause they saw and unfortunately, have been witnessing ‘go-slow’ policy against the perpetrators.

Not a single minister, MP or party leader has so far spoke tough against the scam, and evidently not the pro-government ACC.

It seems that there’s something fishy here 🙂

Yeh, there is a clear intervention and assistance of an advisor to the PM in the country’s largest financial scam.

Let me remind you something: the first agenda of the Awami League ahead of 2008 polls was to be ‘strict against corruption’ — triggered by the massive corruption during the BNP’s previous term.

What a politics!



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