Why don’t you punish Fakhruddin-Moeenuddin?

Honorable Prime Minister, at different occasions you have mentioned the miseries you faced during the 2007-2008 era (1/11) under the military-backed caretaker government.

You are also warning people and the chief of main opposition BNP of a possible comeback of similar unelected ‘government’, claiming that they, under the cover of the so-called civil society, harass the politicians and businessmen (out of something vengeance?), and torture people.

Your party leaders also favour your directions and perception on the interim government. Therefore, your supporters in the party and among people are also with you as they hate military rule.

So you’ve all options okay to sue the top two of the last government who are now staying in the US, and recently, told a parliamentary committee that they were sick and so could not appear before it for a hearing on the August 2007 DU incident.

Here’s another advantage! Your son lives in the US where your party has branches with thousands of supporters.

You also have positive diplomatic relation with the US government.

You visited that super power’s New York City last month to join the UN General Assembly, also the previous year.

However, we, the people, who support you when you are speaking against illegal military force in power, do not see you going tough against them to set an example.

You also do not tell us why you are hesitating or who are obstructing you to sue them.

Huh! Let’s see when you really act.


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