Return of the whistleblower

Microbus driver Azam Khan is back! Yeh, he has been seen in an exclusive TV interview on October 4 and two days later in another report with the same Rtv reporter Bayezid Ahmed.

Former railway minister and now a minister without portfolio Suranjit Sengupta has been looking for him since the April 8 evening when Azam drove the microbus into Pilkhana with Suranjit’s APS Omar Faruq Talukder, railway’s GM (east) Yusuf Ali Mridha and Dhaka division security commandant Enamul Huq instead of going to his house nearby. Because of such wrongway (!) driving and Azam’s telling the guards that there were illegal money in the vehicle, Suranjit’s life has became a hell.

In an interview with Independent TV a month after his resignation as the minister on April 17, Suranjit said he was sure there was something fishy in the matter since the driver did not go to any police station but to the BGB Headquarters and that all the four were held ‘illegally’ by the BGB (& Army) peraonnel for the night. He was asking the program moderator about the driver since he went missing in the next morning while the three others were freed.

Suranjit was evidently declared clean by two railway probe committees and the ACC.

However, one probe committee found massive irregularities and bribery in recruitment. And recently, legal steps have been taken against those responsible for the scam including Mridha and Enamul. Faruq is yet to be sued. The three were, however, terminated earlier.

Despite such massive corruption only in the recruitment process, let alone other sectors, the minister has been claiming himself clean, as he was in the past 50 years.

But Azam tells us a different story. He says Faruq was the middleman in the ‘dealings’ between the minister and the other party.

Though we know the ‘toothless ACC’ won’t probe Azam’s allegations in a neutral manner and sue the minister during this term, we hope and pray that Azam survives, and kept away from any intelligence plot.

Suranjit in his reaction says he never knew the driver, those were all Bogus stories and a plot against him. “This is a media creation”.

He is supposed to speak to press on October 10.

Whatsoever, I am happy to see Azam alive.



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