Sheikh Hasina’s Peace Model for UN: two points missing

Sheikh Hasina at a UN meeting. Photo: UN

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the upcoming General Assembly of the United Nations this week will place a resolution on her peace model the UN had adopted during the last meeting in 2011.

The model, aiming at people’s empowerment, requires six core issues to be addressed sincerely to achieve the “peace”—the most-cherished spirit in the universe. The world is going to take Hasina’s proposal as an “official” ideology or philosophy if the UN adopts the resolution during this session.

1. fighting poverty & hunger, 2. cutting inequality, 3. easing deprivation, 4. inclusive development process, 5. human development, and 6. no terrorism

Recently, in an international conference in Dhaka, the participants from over 60 countries discussed the issue and enriched it.

Apart from the UN, Hasina, also the one & only boss of the ruling Awami League, has gained popularity in different international conferences for her speeches. She was appreciated at the climate summit (though only once, she raised again the issue of compensation for the most vulnerable poor countries), the NAM and other summits of the Islamic countries. The daughter of Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, has also been awarded by a number of honorary degrees and medals for her leadership behind achievements in different sectors including maternal health, education, agriculture and fighting terrorism.

I as a subject of her Government of Bangladesh formally appreciate her triumph abroad. But as a human being and concerned citizen, I differ with her on “two key issues”.

Whatever! Who knows! After the resolution is adopted, she might be awarded the next Nobel “Peace” Prize for her (!) proposal; which is not unique though, but a fusion. The exclamation mark was put on that place to communicate my doubt whether the “model” came from her head.

I am here to justify that the model the Bangladesh Prime Minister has publicised and drumming up support from people—the social elites, diplomats and the media.

The factors of reaching a satisfactory empowerment stage of the people (seems that she indicated the poor and marginalised) are stated to be “Eradication of poverty and hunger, reduction of inequality, mitigation of deprivation, an end to exclusion of people from the process of development, overall human progress and elimination of terrorism”.

Yeh, it looks smart! So I totally agree with the issues.

But want to include another sensitive but highly significant one: “fighting corruption”. I think her model is incomplete without this because none of the six targets would be achieved if there was corruption. (Even though fighting corruption has been the Awami League’s first preference in the 2008 election manifesto, execution is seen bleak.)

And the other point is: it was and is wrong in placing the proposal in the UN “without demonstrating a successful experiment in her own country”. If she defends saying that she had done enough research, I would differ with her view and argue confidently. (Because of this, I am doubtful about the knowledge level of the heads of government at the UNGA.)

Since the “rising” of human brains till present days, there have been some people who think while working and develop different philosophies based on their experience and conventional knowledge. They could be in different professions, but they are “somebody special”—because of their control over the brain mechanism. They are well-respected by all the people around, except for the morons, as they exhibit their ideas through their work. Sometimes, they are called preachers.

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  1. নোবেল কমিটি ইউরোপীয়ান ইউনিয়নকে নির্বাচন করার ব্যাপারে যাই বলুক না কেন, আমি গোস্বা করলাম আমাদের মাননীয় প্রধানমন্ত্রী, সর্বকালের সর্বশ্রেষ্ঠ বাঙ্গালী বঙ্গবন্ধুর কন্যা, দেশনেত্রী, গনতন্ত্রের মানসকন্যা, সমুদ্রজয়ী সফল রাষ্ট্রনায়ক (নায়িকা), জাতিসংঘে বিশ্বশান্তির মডেল প্রস্তাবকারী শেখ হাসিনাকে এ বছরের নোবেল শান্তি পদকটি না দেয়ার জন্যে। উনাকে এই পদন না দেয়ার পেছনে প্রতিহিংসাপরায়ন ইউনুস বা খালেদা জিয়ার হাত থাকতে পারে বলে সরকারের গোয়েন্দা সংস্থা মনে করছে। আমি এই ভয়ানক ষড়যন্ত্রের তীব্র বিরোধীতা করছি ও নোবেল কমিটির কাছে তাদের নির্বুদ্ধিতার জন্য নিন্দাবাক্য প্রেরণ করছি।


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