Friendship is LOVE

Let me show my “gratitude” to my FRIENDS once again on this special Day for loving me much, “selflessly”. I recall all the FRIENDS since my childhood who have contributed significantly in my life to come to the present stage; I respect you and your “heartiest” emotions.

Let me also “censure” those who have spent moments with me, took advantage but failed to behave like a FRIEND, and therefore, getting negative reaction from my side. Sorry I’m for being unable to treat you like a FRIEND.

Because “friendship” is a big deal, it’s like “loving” someone, not just taking benefits by staying and roaming together, not just pretending–but caring…so, go to hell who is nothing but a so-called FRIEND or short-term associates.

As because I, since my childhood, like to interact with people–regardless their identities, religion, race, complexion and attitude–I agree I’ve gained much more than my expectations–in terms of knowledge, love and also hatred. But, still, I don’t repent for this much unusual behaviour (of these days).

For this, a “bad habit” has developed in me–I can’t interact with my FRIENDS regularly–please pardon me for this. You may also punish me which I’ll accept.

However, let me tell you one thing: “I miss you and think about you wherever you are, and you’ll get me beside you, always, because you’re my first priority.”

Happy Friendship Day!!!