“No tolerance” in politicians when its badly needed

So, we people are seem to have been sandwiched between the battle of “war-heads” over the issues concerning national interests.

Leaders of the main political parties — either in power or in opposition — know this and realise it as well, but the problem is with paying a heed.

No, no chance here, at least for now; since it’s still two more years to go, the ferocious, aggressive and autocrat-like ruling government is unlikely to stop imposing its illusive decisions, which they claim will benefit people.

But the question rises as many people across the country have been opposing the government’s decisions taken unilaterally.

Let’s talk about the latest “war” on splitting the Dhaka City Corporation into two parts. The battle erupts apparently for registering the government move all on a sudden, when the amendment proposal on the local government (city corporation) act was endorsed by the cabinet last month.

And within days, the proposal was placed in parliament and after a so-called scrutiny for four days, it was passed by the ruling party lawmakers.

Citing reason for the move, prime minister as well as other party leaders said it would help better serve the city dwellers. She, however, did not elaborate how it is possible to make people happy with 2 mayors.

On the other hand, the main opposition and civil society members protest the decision saying it would not bring any better. The frustration comes seeing the recent activities of the government and the now-defunct DCC.

Mentionable, Awami League, main ally of the ruling grand alliance, holds more than two-thirds of the seats in the House. And therefore, they don’t face any obstacle clearing any law or proposal through parliament.

The supremacy enjoyed by the party has made them inevitable.

Another major point of difference is the “status of economy”, which the government claims is well enough and the opposition along with independent experts say vulnerable and near bankruptcy.

Debate over the government’s role in protesting India’s silent move in constructing Tipaimukh dam-cum-hydroelectric project in Manipur state. When the proposed project would undoubtedly affect Bangladesh’s rivers in Sylhet region, India maintains that no harm may caused by the 1500MW power plant.

It’s funny.

The government did not react sharply last month when reports came that 2 state-run companies and the Manipur government inked a deal over forming a joint-venture company to implement the controversial project.

It reacts softly which assumes that it’s afraid of telling its boss anything following which it may face sanctions.

The environment experts, concerned and the opposition parties have slammed the government for such attitude.

Let’s come to the point of recent hikes in prices of fuel oils and converted natural gas, and the upcoming increase in power tariff. The government certainly has its causes to show amid protests, threats and requests from stakeholders.

The most serious concern prevails in the country right now is over the provision of caretaker government.

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