PM to come forward to remove the political standoff

As a concerned citizen over the persistent political disagreement, culture of confrontation and blame game, I find that only “tolerance to accept and consider a different view” can be a possible solution.


Following the recent-most incidents of oppositions’ protests, and restlessness and fear of the ruling party – an immediate solution to the standoff is a must.


Yes, caretaker government is the prime issue of the country now, starting from the mid of last year, after the government had annulled the system for what they called following a court order and fearing that military-backed unelected people may grab power again if the system is retained.


The ruling party also argues that the next general elections would be free and fair citing instances of the local government polls in three city corporations and several by-polls. It also assures the opposition that the next Election Commission would be stronger and be given the authority to hold the next elections fair.


The BNP and like-minded parties who have very little stake in the parliament now, however, do not believe the speeches coming from the Awami League’s leaders including its boss. BNP thinks and fears that the government through the cancellation of the caretaker system wants to cling in power as they would hold the next elections under its authority.


It is not illogical, I suppose, since it has become a culture among the major political parties that no one believes others, and thus a politics of division is prevailing in the country—still. It should have changed its course with the Awami League-led 14-party grand alliance coming to power – according to their election manifesto – charter for change.


But we do not see any such “big change” in political culture. We do not see senior leaders of both the parties are speaking for the wellbeing of the countrymen—apparently treated as the subjects—but either trying to stay in power or to go to power.


In result, they are always trying to prove that the other is not good enough for the country and exposing the evil sides of the political leaders and the policymakers.


I guess, these speeches amid blemish remarks must not be made public and communicated in letters or in some other way, because it would only increase the extent of dirty politics and cement the way to agreement or consensus over national issues.


Meanwhile, the ruling party must be more careful since they have the ultimate power to govern the country, so that they can ensure better utilisation of the scope they have in strengthening the country’s economy to make people smile and judiciary to guarantee justice for all—in a time when the government is taking many sensitive decisions unilaterally.


Above all, the ruling party with two-thirds majority has to come forward – to fulfil its election pledges and to set a record – to ease the sufferings of the people who are not political activists.


I do not know whether a dialogue chaired by the president may be a solution or the top leaders of the AL and the BNP should sit, but I am sure the two parties should create a “congenial atmosphere” to discuss and defend their stances – no matter if it is the parliament or a restaurant.


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