Is change possible (???)

after seeing sajeda chowdhury calling opposition to parliament on Thursday night news, earlier that an al-bnp debate in a talk show on political crises, i retrieved another recent talk show in a private tv channel on May 13 night. tofail ahmed admitted the need for political stability towards the country’s interest and called khandker mosharraf to join parliament and discuss, and said the ongoing blame game culture should end. he said a consensus was “must and possible”. suranjit sengupta through video conference made the same call, thus did akbar ali khan. the former caretaker advisor warned the main parties of a violent situation if they don’t sit together in parliament. on the dock, asif nazrul requested awami league to do, whatever they do, for the country’s development. barrister rokanuddin mahmud said he expected a massive change in politics after the end of 1/11 chapter, but alas! all the same! senior lawyer barrister amir-ul haque as a general citizen asked for the political consensus saying that it was a demand of time.

what the bnp standing committee member said in response was an observation and a lucrative solution. he thinks there is a hesitation in the two parties for a consensus and it can only be solved if the ruling party makes the first step, “then opposition will then come two steps forward, and if the opposition does not, people will not accept that”.

i felt so happy to be a witness of the moment, but on the very next day, khandker mosharraf at a rally blamed the government for its “failures” and “atrocities”.

and then i felt hopeless.

and still…there’s no positive change in politics.

don’t know how the change is possible… do u?


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