Suranjit bullys BNP demands for govt’s resignation

Awami League Presidium Member Suranjit Sengupta said the recent speech of BNP secretary general was a sign of revengeful emotion and ignorance of constitutional knowledge.

He made the comment while talking to News and Images reporter Probir Kumar Sarker Wednesday morning.

Suranjit also said trial of the war criminals must be conducted, where interest of any external group or country would not be given preference.

He said, “Khandker Delwar’s comments were revengeful. He seems to be ignorant in political and constitutional matters.”

The constitution expert described the procedure how a constitutional a cabinet-run government can be dissolved – the prime minister has to propose to the president for taking the decision, and if the president finds that logical.

Another process comes through the ‘no-confidence motion’ against the government, where the president can call for a new election, he said in an exclusive interview at his Jhugatola residence.

On Tipaimukh dam issue, he said we want this project to be implemented giving priority to our national interest.

He said, “Our government allowed the Farakka Dam project after solving the complexities and controversies and served the interests of both the countries.”

Suranjit claimed, “Now if any difficulties occur, the BNP has to take all the responsibilities as they discussed on this matter and signed an agreement.”

He said mutual understanding and interest would be given the highest preference before deciding the terms of the Tipaimukh Dam issue, as the dam would affect the cultivation and other economical sources of the people living around Surma and Kushiara river basins.

He said the parliamentary standing committee on water resources along with the experts would visit the site and submit its report to the ministry. The committee has parliament members from all parties.

The report would be submitted to the Jatiya Sangsad for further analysis and discussions; even it might be sent to the government for decisions.

Regarding the war crimes trial, Suranjit said the people of Bangladesh had to face enemies in two phases in the war of independence – the Pakistan Army and the natives as their allies Rajakar, Al Badar, Al Shams.

He said, “The interim government of the independent Bangladesh was formed at Mujibnagar on April 17, 1971 and after that, every single fight against the people, killings, rapes, looting are treated as crime at home and abroad.”

Suranjit said, “Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman pardoned the Pakistan Army, but the trial against their allies were postponed. We have the right to conduct trial of the war criminals and no foreign influence would be considered,” he added.

“Awami League in its election manifesto promised to conduct the trial and we will do so.”

“Now the legal analysis is taking place, prosecution and tribunal will be formed immediately and after investigation the process will be successful,” he hoped.


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