ISIS, other extremists and reaction of common Muslims

The recent rise of ISIS or ISIL in Iraq and it’s outrageous advancement towards establishing another Islamic state has concerned me in Bangladesh much because of the extent of violent attacks and their plans and methods. We also have thousands of extremists operating right under the nose of law enforcers and backed by different mainstream … Continue reading

Peoples Bazar BD launched

The Facebook-based online shop “Peoples Bazar BD” is aimed at providing virtual marketplace for different products — grown or manufactured by Bangladeshi people who are underprivileged and marginalised in the society. It’s an initiative taken under the platform “Peoples Bazar Network.” We are keen to provide consumers quality products. The network selects the creators or growers … Continue reading

Invest in Bangladesh fear-free

Invest in Bangladesh for smooth business bribing politicians and public servants. It’s a heaven for corrupts and unscrupulous human beings who will ensure your profit, no matter how. The present Awami League-led government gives you more scopes than ever in the past! Grab the opportunity, hurry!!! $$$ Impunity Guaranteed (*conditions apply) $$$   Bangladesh den … Continue reading

Atrocious Indian BSF kills another Bangladeshi on border

Did you know? Indian BSF killed one Bangladeshi after entering the territory in northern Lalmonirhat district around 10:30pm Wednesday violating international border laws? Don’t know what can stop these killing machines… In the recent years, the two prime ministers, home ministers and the heads of border forces sat many times. Even the Border Security Force (BSF) had … Continue reading

আপনি শোধরাবেন না, কারন আপনি ক্ষমা পাবেন

ধর্মই পৃথিবীর বেশিরভাগ মানুষকে পরিচালিত করে নানান আদেশ, নির্দেশনা, অনুরোধ ও লোভ দেখিয়ে, যেন তারা সততার সাথে জীবনযাপন করে। পাশাপাশি, সব দেশই অপরাধ দমনে নিজেদের সংবিধান ও আইন-কানুন তৈরি করে। মূলতঃ এই দুইপ্রকার বিধিনিষেধ সঠিকভাবে মেনে চলার জন্য যোগ্য বাবামা ও সুশিক্ষিত শিক্ষকরা সবসময়ই বলেন।  কিন্তু তবু কেন ঢাকা থেকে আলাস্কা বা এন্টার্কটিকা পর্যন্ত সবখানে … Continue reading

Rana Plaza survivors need to continue work at Oporajeo

Oporajeo is a knitwear and jute bag manufacturer established by Shongkolon Bangladesh Trust with the aim of providing job opportunity to the survivors of Rana Plaza disaster with least skill migration so that the victims can get back to a stable life again. Though the factory was founded in June 24, 2013 with 5 plain swing machines and 7 workers, within eight months … Continue reading